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Signing up for a session means Mr Doogan will block out part of his schedule for you. Should you change your mind at a late stage costs may already have been incurred, and a replacement client is unlikely to be found.


For this reason the following conditions apply


  • Payment by bank deposit / PayPal, in advance.

  • For sessions in Auckland

    • >48 hours notice for full refund,

    • >24 hours notice for 50% refund,

    • No refund for less than 24 hours notice.

  • Outside Auckland but within NZ

    • >2 weeks notice for full refund,

    • >1 week notice for 50% refund,

    • No refund for less than 7 hours notice.

  • If costs have been incurred, such as transport or venue hire, these will be passed on to the client.



Mr Doogan is available to teach classes at your dojang. This can be a nice way to refresh things at your dojang, a fun way to start or end the year, or to cover while the Instructor is unwell or preparing for grading. Popular topics include Taekwon-Do History & Trivia, Power Breaking, Throwing & Falling, Ground Self Defence. Up to 2 hours, $250