A seminar is a longer session on one or two topics, often on the weekend. Past hosts have requested topics such as Weird & Wonderful Taekwon-Do, Ground Self Defence, Competition TKD, and Power Breaking. Overseas seminars are welcome – past topics include black belt development, school holiday programmes, power test and special technique. In New Zealand $500, overseas €650. Common durations include 2x 2 hours, 3x 2 hours

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Signing up for a session means Mr Doogan will block out part of his schedule for you. Should you change your mind at a late stage costs may already have been incurred, and a replacement client is unlikely to be found.


For this reason the following conditions apply


  • Payment by bank deposit / PayPal, in advance.

  • For sessions in Auckland

    • >48 hours notice for full refund,

    • >24 hours notice for 50% refund,

    • No refund for less than 24 hours notice.

  • Outside Auckland but within NZ

    • >2 weeks notice for full refund,

    • >1 week notice for 50% refund,

    • No refund for less than 7 hours notice.

  • If costs have been incurred, such as transport or venue hire, these will be passed on to the client.