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Mr Doogan began training in 1997 and is an International Instructor, International Umpire, World Champion in Power Breaking, and a member of the Tournament Advisor Group in New Zealand. An all-rounder in the Art, he has passed nearly all of his gup and dan tests with A passes, as well as winning 100+ medals in sparring, patterns, special technique and power test. 


A keen international traveller, Mr Doogan has taught Taekwon-Do throughout New Zealand, and in Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, South Korea, China, Norway, The Netherlands, Ireland, England and Scotland.

Now a full-time Taekwon-Do Instructor, he shares the art whenever and wherever he can - to about 5,000 students in 2017-2018. He also writes articles for Taekwon-Do Talk Magazine and for overseas publications.




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Students taught 2017-20


From Matt Bowden - 3rd Dan

"As a member of the 2015 New Zealand Junior male power breaking team, myself and 5 other young men had the pleasure of being coached by Mr Doogan. His wealth of knowledge in all areas of not only power breaking but body mechanics and conditioning enabled us to improve our breaking and overall strength farther than any of us had ever imagined and when it finally came to competition we were able to put in to practice what we had learned and because of this, we came away from Italy as World Champions. Mr Doogan's coaching ability is unparalleled, as is his ability to smash boards :)"

From Melissa Hakeagatoa - mother of four black belt students

"Brendan is a world-class coach. He has a natural rapport with people of any age or ability level, with insightful coaching that is engaging, challenging and enjoyable. 

Brendan has successfully coached our four children between 6-21 years, and catered for their varying levels of ability and ambition - from everyday self-defence right through to selection for the New Zealand Taekwon-Do Team.

We whole-heartedly recommend him."


From Dean Jenkins - 4th Dan

"I met Brendan Doogan at a Nationals as just another Stripe working the floor and keeping busy. When I decided to sit my 4th Dan I had been told I needed a senior member to work under. I had seen some interesting work he was doing for students in New Zealand and I asked him if he could help. 

It didn't take long before his passion to teach made my days full of new ideas and he encouraged me to speak up about my own ideas. We had some meetings when he travelled from one end of the country to the other and not only did he work me hard but he made me want to go further and push in new ways. 

In a weekend of training in his own city he used my fears as a positive venture as we trained in the rain and in public and this has taught me to look for new ideas. 


His calm speaking, motivation and truthful feedback gave me the right directions. Never a negative word about him and he is a great coach and instructor in the ranks of great people."


From Row Hope - NZ Representative 

"I trained with Mr Doogan for over six months. If you're serious about your sport then you need to find a coach who is an expert in that field. 


Throughout my training sessions we looked at and fixed a lot of technical detail in my breaking. Mr Doogan has also encouraged me to look at my training schedule and train to be fit for purpose, so working on exercises and drills that work on explosive leg strength. 


I think a good thing for me also is that breaking can be so frustrating but Mr Doogan has a calm approach which helps." 

From Suze, Taekwon-Do Mum

Leading up to grading we decided to send our kids (green belt and red belt) to Mr Doogan for some extra practise. Our initial focus was breaking as his knowledge and success in this area is renowned and having a private lesson with him allowed our kids to learn and then continually practise to build confidence in this area. However, we soon took advantage of his vast knowledge of Taekwondo techniques broadening the scope to include patterns and sparring as he has an innate ability to communicate his teachings in a way that is easy for students of all levels to understand. He is engaging and builds a great rapport with his students, encouraging them to strive to be better and continuously challenge themselves.


I wholeheartedly recommend Mr Doogan, he is a skilled and knowledgeable teacher who is passionate about the sport and committed to helping his students achieve their goals. Our kids have really enjoyed their lessons with Mr Doogan and as parents (of a now blue stripe and black stripe - thank you Mr Doogan) this has been a worthwhile investment as it has accelerated their learning and confidence.


The Studio


Brendan works out of the Man Cave (MMC) in Marua Rd. However location is flexible as Brendan is able to travel to your site.

198 Marua Rd, Mt Wellington, Auckland

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